Women will get spiritual thirst quenched at Triennial XV

Mary M. Rall
Community Covenant Church

Join women from throughout the Alaska conference as they get connected, refreshed and transformed at Triennial XV from July 28-31 at the Sheraton Crown Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Women will get spiritual thirst quenched at Triennial XVThemed “Quench,” the Triennial is offered every three years, and features worship by an all-female worship team, speakers such as ECC Women’s Ministry Director Meagan Gillian, workshops and excursions created by women for women of a variety of generations, cultures, regions and life experiences.

Mitzi Barker of Chugiak has attended four Triennials over the course of 15 years and said she was first inspired to attend the event in 2001 when former ECC Women’s Director Ruth Hill spoke at one of Community Covenant’s women’s retreats.

“Ruth articulated a vision for a vibrant ministry, not just for women, but of women, bridging generations and endorsing the notion that women are gifted and called to all sorts of kingdom ministry,” Mitzi said. “I was new to the Covenant and interested in learning more about this vision, the church and meeting women from other outposts of the denomination.”

The Triennial is special, not just because it’s an all-female environment, Mitzi said, but because it’s multi-cultural and intergenerational a well.

“There is a special dynamic present throughout the event, one which honors the past and looks toward the future, all the while emphasizing our unity as women in Christ,” she said. “I have been to other international events for Christian women, but the unity and grace that are hallmarks of the Covenant set Triennial apart.”

Mitzi’s enthusiasm for the event is contagious and has inspired Carla Eisberg of Eagle River to attend as well.

“I am excited about Alaskan women participating in this event along with women from around the world,” Carla said. “Being among sisters in Christ from all over the world will be a fantastic experience. I can’t wait to sing praises to God together.”

Owner of The Quilt Cache in Eagle River, Carla said she’s also looking forward to an excursion to visit the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, Mo.

“I have worked with them through my quilt shop, and I am excited to see it firsthand,” she said.

Mitzi said she has numerous memorable experiences from Triennial, to include furnishing a prayer room and paddling upstream on the Willamette River in Oregon. It’s an experience from the 2013 Triennial in San Diego that stands out to her most, though

“I attended a pre-conference workshop entitled ‘Exploring the Call of God in Your Life’ that introduced me to a ministry I had never heard of before, but to which I was clearly drawn, which has set me on an exciting new journey of life and ministry,” Mitzi said.

This year, Mitzi said she’s looking forward to refreshment, encouragement, new vistas and friendships, as well as picking up some beautiful jewelry and accessories from the Triennial’s Global Marketplace.

“If previous experience is any indicator, I will come away with a deeper sense of my identity as a woman of Christ and what that means as I live forward,” Mitzi said.

One of the highlights of the event includes an opening parade of nations, in which the participating women wear traditional clothing from the various Covenant conferences, Mitzi said. The women of the Alaska Conference of the Evangelical Church will be wearing kuspuks as they celebrate the first year of attending as members of the newest Covenant conference.

“If you don’t have a kuspuk, never fear – we’ll have a workshop to help you make one, if you’d like,” she said.

Planning for attending the conference is already underway, and Mitzi encourages women from throughout Alaska to carve out some time for themselves to attend.

“We can all do with a lift, making a commitment to come away for a while, to engage with the larger body of Christ and specifically women of Christ,” Mitzi said. “At Triennial, we will learn from each other and enrich not only ourselves, but our homes and our churches.”

The experience is one that could impact the Alaskan conference as a whole, Carla said, adding she hopes everyone who can attend does indeed do so.

“What a wonderful way to experience fellowship together. We could bring back a fresh vitality to the Women’s Ministry at Community Covenant and the Alaska conference,” Carla said. “I really want to encourage women from the off-road system to attend as well.”

According to www.covchurch.org/triennial, registration for Triennial XV is $399 now through April 15 and $439 from April 16 to July 15. Discounted lodging for the ECC is currently being offered at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center for $129 per night, plus tax. Lunch will be served on July 29 and July 30, and brunch will be featured on July 31 at Triennial, but event participants must purchase all other meals independently.

Alaskans who’ll be attending the event must register online at www.covchurch.org/triennial and should email Mitzi at mbarker @ mtaonline.net to ensure they’re part of the conversation as planning for the event progresses.

“We will spend time with Jesus, away from the normal routines and stresses of our day-to-day life,” Mitzi said, “and we will gain new perspectives on the Great Commission; on the Kingdom work of love, justice and mercy; and where each of us fits in advancing the cause of Christ in the World and in your world. You won’t return unchanged.”

More information on Triennial XV is available online at www.covchurch.org/triennial.