Take One significant step toward congregational vitality

We’ve made great progress along the Vitality Pathway and now find ourselves at a significant mile-marker in our walk as we prepare to participate in the One workshop Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at CCC.

John Wenrich, the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Congregational Vitality director, will lead the workshop and will guide the congregation to help us discover and better understand the church’s Strategic Ministry Plan. The workshop will help orient participants on the next natural step in the Vitality process, and John will share the biblical and theological concepts of the Strategic Ministry Planning process.

CCC enters into the One workshop following the completion of the Vitality Team projects and the PULSE assessment, all of which have prepared for the upcoming contributions of the Strategic Ministry Planning Team.

The team will be comprised of Kevin Halvorsen, Dave Wille, Denise Smith, Stephanie Stockhouse, Cary Moore, Pastor Todd Michero and Pastor Erika Whittington, all of whom will work together to interpret the findings of the Internal and External assessment teams and PULSE. The information gathered through the assessment teams’ efforts and PULSE will help the Strategic Ministry Planning Team understand how the congregation can become even more healthy and missional, as well as which of the 10 Healthy Missional Markers should receive more intentional growth and development.

The results of the PULSE assessment are still being compiled by the ECC and will be available for review by the Strategic Ministry Planning Team and the congregation as a whole in the upcoming weeks. Until then, all are invited to attend Saturday’s One workshop to better understand how we can come alongside the team and each other as we walk further along the Vitality Pathway in pursuit of becoming a more healthy and missional church together.

A light morning snack and lunch will be served at the workshop, which is open to all and has no prerequisites to attend. There’s $10 registration fee for individuals, a $15 fee for families of two and a $20 fee for families of three or more. Childcare won’t be provided.

More information on the Vitality Pathway and online registration for the One workshop is available at https://communitycovenant.net/one/