November Update from the Vitality Team

“A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

Here at Community Covenant Church, we are in the process of encouraging Healthy Missional momentum as we learn how to “pursue Christ and His priorities in the world.” Together we are learning that the Vitality Pathway is a process, and a spiritual awakening in Christ. As a community, we are learning to thrive, grow and depend on God to lead us deeper in Christ and further in mission.

We are about half through the Vitality Pathway and the process is becoming more and more exciting as we feel the spiritual awakening. Through the gifts and talents that the following team leaders and members have been given, the process will continue to unfold. We are thankful for each Vitality member.

Vitality Team Leads

Debbie Bogart, Lou Amundson, Julie Stingley, Ted Smith, Denise Smith, Bruce Stockhouse, Carla Eisberg, Stephanie Stockhouse, Vicki Hodge, Mary Rall

Members Function Teams

External Assessment: Ted & Denise Smith, Kim Cannamore, Sarah Pace, Mike Foster, Marci Bistodeau, Noah Hammett

Internal Assessment: Julie Stingley, Sarah Pace, Denny Howard, Linda Howard, Robert Schnell, Sharron Carlson

Communication Team: Mary Rall, Nathaniel Swanberg, Lori Michero, Susie Daily, Lucas Barnland

Biblical Story: Stephanie Stockhouse, Jana Knod, MaryAlice Stouffer, Sandy Gold, Erika Whittington, Judy Buchanan, Dave Buchanan, Linda Reynolds, Sarah Pace, Ken Thomas

Relational Covenant: Lou Amundson, Ted Hammett, Joyce Guest, Tyler Shaw, Andre’ Koehrer, Mark McDonald

Pervasive Prayer Team: Vicki Hodge, Ed Carlson, Stephanie Stockhouse, Ken Thomas, Jana Knod, Janet Runyon

History: Bruce Stockhouse, Carla Eisberg, Ellen Wood