Have You Seen Bigfoot Lately?

A Monstrous Discovery

The legend of Bigfoot is firmly fixed in North American folklore. Although Bigfoot skeptics insist that there is no credible evidence proving the gigantic, hairy, apelike monster actually exists, Bigfoot enthusiasts are as certain the creatures inhabit remote regions of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia as they are that their neighbors inhabit the house next door. They are quick to point out that Bigfoot is so familiar to Native cultures that one tribe refers to “Sasquatch” as “the elder brother”. Eyewitness accounts of encounters with the seven to ten foot, five hundred pound bipedal beast have prompted numerous “Bigfoot Expeditions” and the creation of organizations like “The Friends of Bigfoot” that are dedicated to such things as the preservation of Bigfoot habitat (whether the habitat is forestland or a fertile imagination is debatable). To date only one questionable seventeen inch footprint (now that’s one big foot!), alleged audio recordings of chilling nighttime screams, and a video of disputed origin lend support that Bigfoot is real.

Why are so many people obsessed with proving the existence of something that is arguably just another fable that has its being in scary bedtime stories? I think it is because many of us are captivated by fear. Even if it exists only in legend that is kindled by an evening campfire, Bigfoot legitimizes the uncertainty that is the sum of most of our fears. I remember being told as a child that the “Bogyman“comes and gets children who stay up past their bedtimes. With the arrival of the Bogyman seemingly immanent, I would retreat to my bed and lay my head on my pillow and concentrate on falling asleep. The more I tried to fall asleep the more sleep eluded me and the more I focused on my fear. I was certain that the Bogyman was only blocks away. In fact, I could actually hear him sloshing through fields dampened by the late night mist that concealed him. Slosh-slosh-slosh, his pace quickened with every beat of my pounding heart. Then suddenly I would awake with a sigh, relieved that I had escaped my nemesis for another night. Only later did I discover that the sound of the Bogyman was actually the rhythmic beating of my heart amplified as my ear rested on my pillow. My imagination had perpetuated the myth and intensified my fears.

What are the monsters in your life? Are they the unrealized fears that keep you up at night? Do you lay awake imagining that the dawn will bring the realization of your worst fears? Allow me to share with you a monstrous discovery. Our lives are filled with things that can activate fear, but we don’t have to be fearful! The things that haven’t happened, things we are afraid of, can become the preoccupations of our lives, stealing our joy like the Bogyman that absconds with a child’s sleep. Don’t let them! Like Chicken Little we can believe the sky is falling (the sky is still there last I checked),or we can choose to embrace the one God who knows the future, yours and mine, with the confidence that whatever happens he will be a shield about us and the lifter of our heads. Perhaps you are more afraid of God than the monsters in your life. You’re afraid of what he might require of you- the loss of control of things you can’t control anyway. But what if his plans are different from your own- the possibility that your life won’t have a fairytale ending? Who will you trust, the dragon or the dragon slayer? Yes, the possibility exists that your worst fear will happen- then what? Will you let fear become a straightjacket that restricts your every move squeezing the life out of you?

Fear not! Do not be afraid! Listen to the one who says “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Psalm 41:10). The winds of uncertainty can spread a storm surge of fear in our lives that threatens to consume our hope. Listen to the one, Jesus, who calmed the storm by speaking to the wind and the waves “Peace is still.”- let him still your restless, uncertain, fearful heart.

So, have you seen Bigfoot lately? If you have don’t worry. There is nothing to fear! Don’t let Sasquatch squash your tomorrow. You’ve made a monstrous discovery, one that allows you to put all your monsters to sleep. So tonight just rest your head on your pillow and whisper to your monsters sweet dreams!

Celebrating God’s Goodness!

Pastor Todd