Great Expectations

In Last Sunday’s sermon, Mike Alverts observed that sometimes a gap exists between our expectations and the realities of our lives. Frequently that gap provides fertile soil that cultivates disappointment, disillusionment, and despair. One need only look at the crowds that hailed Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the turn of events that led to Good Friday to witness a collision between expectations and reality. The crowd that hailed Jesus as their conquering King did so with expectations for his rule and reign and what it should entail. When the reality of his Kingship that transpired during the week failed to meet their expectations, cheers turned to shouts of condemnation as they cried out “crucify him.”

If we are not careful, we too can turn on Jesus when the realities of our lives fall short of our expectations. It is then that we can be tempted to question Jesus and his kingship in our lives. If only the crowds could have known that God was working a greater plan that would soon exceed their wildest expectations; offering them what they really needed, salvation, and an eternal place in His everlasting Kingdom. This Easter we are invited to allow the gaps between our expectations and realities to be a place where hope is birthed and the fulfillment of God’s promises are anticipated. Our hearts can be either tombs where dead expectations are buried or places where God breathes new life; resurrection life through our King Jesus. May our hearts declare Hosanna in the Highest!