Flamingo embraces fame, fundraiser fortune

Fiona FlamingoBy Fiona Flamingo
Community Covenant Church

I’d like to take a moment to let the Community Covenant Church congregation and the entire Chugiak-Eagle River community know just how honored I am to be selected to participate in and to offer my perspective on the Flamingoed fundraiser.

I’ve had an illustrious career enhancing the lawns of some of the more prominent Bollywood stars of Indian cinema, but I was more than willing to briefly put my rise to further fame on hold to participate in this fundraiser to help area high schoolers attend the Covenant High in Christ youth conference in Knoxville, Tenn. in July.

I’ve been informed that my pink-feathered peers and I garnered $1,695 in donations last week and have thus far help raise a total of $2,645 toward CHIC in the two weeks CCC’s high schoolers have participated in the fundraiser with the support of their parents, the church and the community. My personal experience as a participant in this fundraiser is that its success is a direct reflection of the enthusiasm with which students and area residents have embraced the opportunity to interact with the flamingo community.

I’ve tried to remain humble throughout the Flamingoed experience, as I’m used to a certain level of public exposure that many of my peers are just experiencing for the first time as a part of this fundraiser. Although the reality of being a home’s ambassador for visitors and the occasional Girl Scout cookie peddler isn’t foreign to yard ornaments, most haven’t had the opportunity to experience the level of attention from the paparazzi this opportunity has garnered.

The reality of having their pictures splashed across CCC’s Facebook and Instagram pages has been uncomfortable for some, and I’ve done my best to role model how to represent the Flamingoed campaign in the media from the moment I realized I had been chosen to be the first flamingo to be placed in an area yard. Frank Flamingo would argue that my being the first to get handed out to the students was due to my strategically placing myself on the top of the boxed flamingos so as to not muss my synthetic feather veneer, but I would note that to be purely coincidental and that Frank is prone to being a curmudgeon.

My case is further solidified by the manner in which people have welcomed and shared their enthusiasm to have me at their home. Ted and Denise Smith organized a lovely welcoming reception for me and placed a flock of pink and blue fans in their yard to greet me upon my arrival. Likewise, supporters such as Deb Bogart showed their adoration for me by creating a lovely parka to keep me warm, and Ed and Marjo Deforest had their faithful dog, Kori, keep watch over me and another member of the flock at their Eagle River home.

I have to say the only moment I’ve been minutely hesitant concerning my role in this fundraiser occurred early on in the home of Kevin and Viola Krumanaker, who posted a Facebook photo of me being ridden like a horse by a young and energetic cowboy. I was briefly self-conscious with the nature of the public exposure I received, but soon realized just how short term people’s memories can be and began to once again embrace my time in the limelight. Thanks to all of you for that lesson in getting back on the media horse, even if that means you actually have to act as a horse prior to doing so.

This has been an eventful week for me, and I’m extremely grateful to have had yet another opportunity to find myself in the public eye. I can’t wait to see where I end up next and hope you’ll read eNews or log onto the CCC website at communitycovenant.net next week to get another update on how the Flamingoed fundraiser is going and to receive feedback from yet another member of the flock concerning their personal experience with the endeavor.

For more information on how you can get Flamingoed and to in turn flamingo a friend, email mary@communitycovenant.net.