Covenant Bible Camp

It’s time to start thinking about how you might be able to serve at Covenant Bible Camp this season!

The schedule for upcoming camp dates is:

• May 23-29: Call to Worship ​(Staff training and camp preparation)

• May 29-June 4: Kitchen, Prayer Leadership (Ages 15-25)

• June 4-11: Kitchen, Maintenance, Nurse, Prayer, Lifeguards (9th-12th Graders)

• June 11-18: Prayer, Maintenance, Counselors (7th-8th Graders)

• June 18-23: Prayer, Maintenance Pathfinders (3rd-4th Graders)

• June 23-28: Counselors, Kitchen, Maintenance, Nurse, Prayer, Lifeguards Trailblazers (5th-6th Graders)

The cost to participate in this outreach is approximately $400.00 (air and food), one-third of which is paid by the participant.

Those interested in volunteering may fill out the Community Covenant Missions Application at:

More information on the camp is available at: