I’ve never seen a U-Haul following a hearse, have you? The answer to this question serves to remind us that “you can’t take it with you.”   Learn More »

An Empty Blessing

An empty house, an empty bank account, an empty glass, empty thoughts; in our empty adverse culture how can anything that is empty be considered a blessing?   Learn More »

Great Expectations

In Last Sunday’s sermon, Mike Alverts observed that sometimes a gap exists between our expectations and the realities of our lives.   Learn More »

A smile, a hug, and some encouraging words – powerful!

As I reflect upon my participation in our church’s recent mission trip to Nana’s House in Tepic, Mexico, I was struck by the power of these three seemingly simple acts.   Learn More »


Surrender is a word that is almost always associated with negative connotations like “you’re a loser”; “you don’t have what it takes”; or “you’re just not good enough.” It is synonymous with failure, falling short of a desired outcome, or the dreaded expression, “I Quit!” So, is there ever a time when waiving the “white flag” of surrender is less than shameful?  Learn More »

Storms Ahead!

I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You are yourself the answer. Before your face questions die away. What other answer would suffice? – C. S. Lewis

Storms! Life is full of them.   Learn More »

Eat Your Vegetables

A healthy outlook on children’s ministry  Learn More »

Have You Seen Bigfoot Lately?

A Monstrous Discovery

The legend of Bigfoot is firmly fixed in North American folklore. Although Bigfoot skeptics insist that there is no credible evidence proving the gigantic, hairy, apelike monster actually exists, Bigfoot enthusiasts are as certain the creatures inhabit remote regions of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia as they are that their neighbors inhabit the house next door.   Learn More »

Double Crossed

Which Cross Will You Choose?

Jesus made his way toward Golgotha (the place of the skulls) for his final humiliation, death on a cross. Severely beaten he stumbled beneath the weight of the cross he carried. Straining forward he collapsed. He could go no further. Looking into the crowd, Roman soldiers called out to a man, Simon of Cyrene, and forced him to carry Jesus’ cross. I can’t imagine its weight. Can you? Simon was the only person ever to carry Jesus’ cross. What about the rest of us? What are followers of Jesus expected to carry?  Learn More »

What’s In Your Prayer Closet?

Removing unnecessary clutter from your prayer life.

Have you ever opened a closet door only to be overwhelmed with unnecessary clutter? Perhaps you’ve been buried under an avalanche of accumulated junk that reminded you of why you haven’t gone into that closet for a while. Many of us designate a closet, or occasionally a room, in our homes where we store stuff that has depreciated in value and is seldom, if ever, used. We are reluctant to part with these insignificant “treasures”.

  Learn More »