An Empty Blessing

An empty house, an empty bank account, an empty glass, empty thoughts; in our empty adverse culture how can anything that is empty be considered a blessing? Easter is a celebration that begins with emptiness – Jesus’ life emptied out on the cross and the emptiness of his followers whose hopes were buried with him in the garden tomb. How can a king and his kingdom shrouded in death’s darkness deliver anything but despair and defeat? Yet, an unimaginable blessing awaited those who made history’s greatest discovery that first Easter morning – Jesus has risen! Yes, an empty blessing changed everything. The tomb was emptied so our hearts could be filled with faith, hope, and love that celebrate resurrection life in Christ.

This blessing is available to all whom, with emptied hearts, journey to the garden tomb looking for Jesus to fill them. The reality is that hearts without Christ are tombs for things that promise life but will ultimately disappoint. The martyred missionary, Jim Elliot, said “a man is no fool to give up that which he cannot keep for that which he cannot lose.” And so we are reminded that one must not seek to be filled by the emptiness of temporal counterfeits that feign life as a substitute for the Risen One who is the source of abundant and eternal life. An empty tomb is a blessing for those whose previously empty lives that have been filled by the one who is the Way, the Truth and The Life. He is risen! He is risen indeed! … Fill’er Up!!!

Pastor Todd Michero