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The 2013-2014 Male Student of the Year has Returned

Last  year’s student of the year is back this semester and we are ecstatic! He has been an incredible testimony of how God moves in the hearts of our students.

The following is his story in his own words:

Levi was born in the isolated village of Nunapitchuk, Alaska. At 8 days of age his biological mother’s brother adopted Levi. Levi and his family lived in Nunapitchuk until he was 8 years old. His parents adopted another son who was disabled which brought them to the realization they needed to move closer to a hospital.

They moved to Bethel, Alaska to begin a new journey. In Bethel, both Levi’s sister and brother passed away. Levi was having a really difficult time. He didn’t know what to do; all he wanted to do was suppress the unbearable pain. Alcohol, drugs, and sex presented themselves as an escape and Levi took it. The more he tried to escape the worse he began to feel. The escapes weren’t helping so the thought of suicide crept in.

This was one of the lowest points in his life and his previous choices didn’t help him. He decided to try something different. Levi had heard what being saved was but never actually became a Christian. He began listening to a Christian music station that played worship music and sermons and reading his Bible. Levi learned about the character of Christ and how Christ died not to condemn, but to save.

Shortly after he began seeking the Lord he felt convicted and opened his Bible to read. He read John 3:16. When Levi read this verse his eyes were opened, he saw that he was a sinner and accepted Christ as his Savior. This was the happiest day of Levi’s life.

Levi continued to grow in his relationship with the Lord and was listening to the radio when he heard about Alaska Christian College. Because the ad, Levi decided that he needed a life changing experience and came to Alaska Christian College.

Levi still struggles with his past temptations but knows that God has something planned for him and for everyone that follows the Lord.

Back to School isn’t Always Easy

For some students the first week of school is full of joy and is an exciting opportunity and a time of reunion with other students and staff. For others it can be a very  difficult time, stepping into a brand new place with unfamiliar faces. It is an  unknown territory where familiarities of home are far away. Many students are uncertain if they made the right choice, are homesick, or are looking for purpose and identity and don’t know where to start.

ACC faculty and staff create opportunities for students to explore who God created them to be. We provide talking circles, story time, chapel services, and mentoring groups so they have someone to talk to every week. Most importantly, we begin speaking into them with the truth of who the Lord says they are.

As we begin this process the students become more comfortable, they start to talk with us, share their stories with us, spend as much time in our offices as they can and they begin to be empowered by love. This is only the beginning of how YOUR gift affects the students at Alaska Christian College. It brings love, joy, and hope to each student here.

By sending a gift in this next month you will be supporting the students as they begin this new journey in their life. You can donate by sending a check to 35109 Royal Place Soldotna, Alaska 99669 or by clicking here to donate online.

Keith Hamilton on Sabbatical Fall 2014

In a much deserved four month sabbatical, Dr. Keith Hamilton will be traveling once again-but this time for rest, relaxation, and study.  His travels include Florida, Chicago, and Israel, but his emphasis will be on time with family and rejuvenation.

Faculty and staff alike will step up to fill in needed responsibilities back on  campus, with Betsy Cooper and Sarah Pribbenow increasing emphasis on development and donor relations, Sean Hoffbeck directing Student Services and increasing duties in operations, and Jeff Siemers assuming the role once again of Acting President.

Siemers last served as Acting President in 2007.  He will continue filling his responsibilities as Executive Vice President and Academic Dean.  Dr. Hamilton will return to campus in January.

Save The Date!

The Board of Trustees of Alaska Christian College invites you to join us for the annual Vision Dinner on Friday, October 10th at 6:30 p.m at ChangePoint Church.

Enjoy a special evening of Native dancing, testimonies, and a banquet. Meet some of our students, hear their stories and rejoice in God’s faithfulness.

Register online by Oct. 3.