What We Believe

Jesus Christ is the Center

We believe that Jesus Christ is the center of all of life.  He is both the source and goal of all of life.

God is Interested in Making People Whole

We believe that God is interested in taking broken people and making them whole again.

The Bible is Our Guide

We believe the Bible provides us with the clearest picture of what a transformed life looks like.

We are Meant to Connect

We believe that we were not meant to live life alone, but in connection with others. For this reason, we partner in ministry with the Evangelical Covenant Church, the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska, and many local and global ministries that share our common desire to live out the presence of a life transformed by God in the world.

There is Freedom to Disagree

We believe that there is freedom for those who follow Jesus to hold views on issues that may diverge from other Christians. Our goal is not that we would all be the same, but reflect a real community of faith in the midst of our differences.

Covenant Affirmations

Click here to see the Affirmations of the Evangelical Covenant Church.