A smile, a hug, and some encouraging words – powerful!

As I reflect upon my participation in our church’s recent mission trip to Nana’s House in Tepic, Mexico, I was struck by the power of these three seemingly simple acts. Their expression transcended challenges of language and cultural barriers that might otherwise make cross-cultural ministry daunting. To the boys and girls at Nana’s House, our teams’ presence and availability at a heart level had more impact and was of greater value than the work projects we accomplished.

The tragic stories about the abuse and exploitation endured by each of the children prior to being rescued and finding safe haven at Nana’s House seemed almost implausible. Their laughter, joy, and playful exuberance stood in stark contrast to the painful, devastating realities of their former lives. The difference is the loving Christian community that surrounds them and the healing touch of Jesus in their lives. Hope transmitted through a smile; value conveyed in a hug; possibilities and potential affirmed with words of encouragement, each launches these children into a new and promising future. In the end it is the simple acts that are so easily overlooked and underestimated that make the biggest difference. A smile, a hug, and some encouraging words – powerful! Whose life will you touch today?

Pastor Todd Michero