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07/21/2014Change We Can Believe InPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
07/13/2014Peace, Compassion and JusticePastor Simon KamauThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
07/06/2014Empowered by the Spirit for EvangelismBrian HeagyThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
06/22/2014Stand and Deliver, Stand Out CouragePastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
06/15/2014A Father’s MarkPastor Tyler ShawThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
06/08/2014Elim VBS Mission TripPastor Todd Michero and Mission TeamThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
06/01/2014Stand and Deliver – Stand Firm ConvictionPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
05/25/2014Stand and Deliver – Stand Up CharacterPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
05/18/2014Growing PainsPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
05/11/2014Keeping Hope AlivePastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
05/05/2014LeadershipJohn WenrichThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
04/27/2014The Fine Print of DiscipleshipPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
04/20/2014Resurrection: Faith & DoubtPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
04/13/2014Christ and His TowelPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
04/07/2014We’re Losing the KidsKeith HamiltonThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
03/30/2014The Sweet Smell of SuccessPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
03/24/2014Shout OutMary Jo HansenThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
03/16/2014A Community of Truth TellingPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
03/09/2014The Shared LifePastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
03/02/2014Triple Shot ChristianityPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
02/23/2014Why Live with Pain in an Advil Age?Pastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
02/16/2014Can You Spare Some Change?Pastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
02/09/2014Extreme Makeover?Pastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
02/02/2014Who is This Man?Pastor Erika WhittingtonThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
01/26/2014Missing in ActionPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
01/19/2014Jesus More Real, God’s Work More EvidentCurtis IvanoffDownloadListen
01/12/2014Preparing for MissionPastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
01/05/2014Mission is PossiblePastor Todd MicheroThe Spirit of AdventureDownloadListen
12/30/2013The Power of Perspective: How to Enter the New Year with ConfidencePastor Todd MicheroDownloadListen
12/15/2013Waiting for PeacePastor Todd MicheroWorth the Wait?DownloadListen
12/08/2013Waiting For JoyPastor Todd MicheroWorth the Wait?DownloadListen
12/01/2013Waiting For HopePastor Todd MicheroWorth the Wait?DownloadListen
11/25/2013Step Into the FirePastor Jeff KeyserThe PotluckDownloadListen
11/17/2013Becoming a Freedom FighterPastor Tyler ShawThe PotluckDownloadListen
11/11/2013A Final WordPastor Brad BergfalkThe PotluckDownloadListen
11/03/2013Plan B: Navigating Through Life’s Detours Without Getting LostPastor Brad BergfalkThe PotluckDownloadListen
10/27/2013Certain FaithPastor Keith BergstromThe PotluckDownloadListen
10/20/2013Stay in the GamePastor Erika WhittingtonThe PotluckDownloadListen
10/13/2013Missio DeiPastor Brad BergfalkDownloadListen
10/06/2013CelebratePastor Brad Bergfalk4 WordsDownloadListen
09/29/2013Blisters, Band-Aids and BlessingsPastor Todd MicheroDownloadListen
09/22/2013TransformPastor Brad Bergfalk4 WordsDownloadListen
09/15/2013ConnectPastor Brad Bergfalk4 WordsDownloadListen
09/08/2013ExplorePastor Brad Bergfalk4 WordsDownloadListen
09/01/2013Jesus and the Kingdom ReduxPastor Brad BergfalkWILDDownloadListen
08/25/2013Jesus and the FuturePastor Brad BergfalkWILDDownloadListen
08/18/2013What should we do about Jesus?Pastor Keith BergstromWILDDownloadListen
08/11/2013Jesus and the SabbathPastor Brad BergfalkWILDDownloadListen
08/06/2013Jesus and Church PeoplePastor Brad BergfalkWILDDownloadListen
07/28/2013Jesus’ Extravagant ResponsePastor Erika WhittingtonWILDDownloadListen
07/21/2013Jesus and The SamaritanPastor Andy LarsonWILDDownloadListen
07/14/2013Jesus and HealingPastor Brad BergfalkWILDDownloadListen
06/30/2013Revolutionary ServantPastor Dan KrauseWILDDownloadListen
06/24/2013Jesus and the KingdomPastor Brad BergfalkWILDDownloadListen
06/19/2013Walking By Faith, Not By SightPastor Curtis IvanhoffDownloadListen
06/10/2013Community Covenant Missional UpdatesPastor Erika Whittington with Lisandro & Patricia RestrepoExponentialDownloadListen
06/02/2013The Whole Gospel and CCCPastor Brad BergfalkExponentialDownloadListen
05/26/2013Whatcha Gonna Do with Whatcha Got?Pastor Brad BergfalkExponentialDownloadListen
05/12/2013It’s a Sin to Bore a KidDr. Keith HamiltonExponentialDownloadListen
05/05/2013Jesus’ Mission and OursPastor Brad BergfalkExponentialDownloadListen
04/28/2013The Call to a Missional LifePastor Erika WhittingtonExponentialDownloadListen
04/21/2013How to Love God and Love OthersPastor Brad BergfalkExponentialDownloadListen
04/14/2013God’s Heart Revealed – The Gospel in 3DPastor Brad BergfalkExponentialDownloadListen
03/31/2013The End Of The BeginningPastor Brad BergfalkThe Story We Find Ourselves InDownloadListen
03/24/2013Crowning A New KingPastor Brad BergfalkThe Story We Find Ourselves InDownloadListen
03/17/2013Preparing For The Coming KingPastor Brad BergfalkThe Story We Find Ourselves InDownloadListen
03/10/2013God’s Faithfulness and OursPastor Tyler ShawThe Story We Find Ourselves InDownloadListen
03/03/2013Small RebellionsPastor Brad BergfalkThe Story We Find Ourselves InDownloadListen
02/24/2013The FallPastor Erika WhittingtonThe Story We Find Ourselves InDownloadListen
02/17/2013CreationPastor Brad BergfalkThe Story We Find Ourselves InDownloadListen
02/10/2013Leaving a Legacy that Lasts a LifetimePastor Keith BergstromFamily MattersDownloadListen
02/03/2013Faith & ParentingChristian MunteenFamily MattersDownloadListen
01/27/2013Faith & ForgivenessPastor Brad BergfalkFamily MattersDownloadListen
01/20/2013Faith and the Monthly BudgetPastor Brad BergfalkFamily MattersDownloadListen
01/13/2013Faith and Marriage or SinglenessPastor Neil BottsFamily MattersDownloadListen
01/06/2013As For Me and My HousePastor Brad BergfalkFamily MattersDownloadListen
12/23/2012The BlessingPastor Keith BergstromThe Ultimate GiftDownloadListen
12/16/2012Salvation for Those Who BelievePastor Brad BergfalkThe Ultimate GiftDownloadListen
12/09/2012Forgiveness All AroundPastor Brad BergfalkThe Ultimate GiftDownloadListen
12/02/2012The Indescribable GiftPastor Brad BergfalkThe Ultimate GiftDownloadListen
11/25/2012Finding Water in Dry PlacesPastor Tyler ShawLife TogetherDownloadListen
11/18/2012Seeking PeacePastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
11/11/2012The Secret to Generous LivingPastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
11/04/2012The Good, The True, and The BeautifulPastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
10/28/2012The Spirit’s WorkPastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
10/21/2012Humble is as Humble DoesPastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
10/14/2012Attitude is EverythingPastor Erika WhittingtonLife TogetherDownloadListen
10/07/2012Selfless Service in a Culture of Self-AbsorptionPastor Keith BergstromLife TogetherDownloadListen
09/30/2012Creative Conflict Makes Us StrongerPastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
09/23/2012Gifted to Serve and Support the WholePastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
09/16/2012It All Begins with LovePastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
09/09/2012Introducing Pastor Brad BergfalkPastor Neil Botts & Pastor Brad BergfalkLife TogetherDownloadListen
09/02/2012The GatheringPastor Tyler ShawLife TogetherDownloadListen
08/26/2012Hard ConversationsChristian MunteenLife TogetherDownloadListen
08/21/2012Our Journey Towards Missional LivingPastor Neil Botts with Brian & Janell HeagyLiving FaithDownloadListen
08/19/2012Living Faith Grows from Life TogetherPastor Neil BottsLife TogetherDownloadListen
08/05/2012In Times Like ThesePastor George MastroyanisLiving FaithDownloadListen
07/29/2012New Life in the DebrisPastor Dan Krause & Wes PriceLiving FaithDownloadListen
07/22/2012Falling ForwardPastor Erika WhittingtonLiving FaithDownloadListen
07/15/2012Practicing MercyPastor Keith Bergstrom & Colleen BrownLiving FaithDownloadListen
07/08/2012Faithfulness – The Measure of SuccessPastor Keith BergstromLiving FaithDownloadListen
07/01/2012Practicing ConfessionPastor Tyler ShawLiving FaithDownloadListen
06/24/2012The Gospel Trumps EverythingPastor Neil BottsLiving FaithDownloadListen