Four Words…

These four words represent the deeply held values of our congregation. If you desire to know what motivates us to pray, love, and serve it comes down to these…


We desire be a safe place to explore eternal truth revealed by God through the Bible.  We encourage one-another to honesty and transparency in our exploration, not settling for cheap answers or religious pretense.


“Real life” is found in the through intentional times of learning, growing, serving with others.  Whether it is discovering who Christ is or developing a deeper understanding of Christ’s love for us, God almost always uses other people in the process.


People are never the same after they meet Jesus Christ.  As part of God’s transformational process, the Holy Spirit takes our broken lives and heals us…guiding us toward the next step of spiritual growth. The natural result of a life transformed by Jesus Christ is a readiness to engage others in ministry and mission.


Celebration is a key practice of the person whose life has been transformed by Jesus Christ.  We intentionally seek ways to celebrate what Jesus had done for us.  We also celebrate because of what he continues to do…continually drawing people into the exploration, connection, and transformation process.