The Spirit of Adventure

The Spirit of Adventure

Christ and His Towel

Date: April 13, 2014
Speaker: Pastor Todd Michero

Prom Olympics

Prom Olympics

April 26, 2014

An after Prom Party

All Senior High Students are Invited After Prom
Midnight until 9 AM
Cost $5

Games, Food, Movies and a Giant Breakfast in the morning!!!!!  Oh, and prizes too!!!!

Once you are here, you must stay for the entire event unless we have confirmed with your parents that you can leave.  Contact Pastor Jeff or Mary with questions: 696-5229


Let’s Celebrate Pastor Ann!

May 18, 2014 · 1:00 PM

Please join us to celebrate and express gratitude for Pastor Ann’s ministry at Community Covenant Church. Bring your favorite snack or treat. There will be fun activities and a time to share.



May 3, 2014 · 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Telling the Truth about Congregational Vitality….

Veritas Testimony

Congregational Vitality is a pathway, explored together which leads to a healthy, missional church.  A healthy church pursues Christ.  A missional church pursues Christ’s priorities in our world.

The Veritas workshop introduces the language of vitality, including the four types of churches and the ten healthy missional markers. The truth will set you free.

Check out James Barefoot’s testimony from Mat Su Covenant’s experience with Veritas!

Host Families Needed!  When registering, please indicate if you are willing to host out of town participants.

Register Online


What’s In Your Prayer Closet?

Removing unnecessary clutter from your prayer life.

Have you ever opened a closet door only to be overwhelmed with unnecessary clutter? Perhaps you’ve been buried under an avalanche of accumulated junk that reminded you of why you haven’t gone into that closet for a while. Many of us designate a closet, or occasionally a room, in our homes where we store stuff that has depreciated in value and is seldom, if ever, used. We are reluctant to part with these insignificant “treasures”.

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